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Best Saw for Cutting Wood Straight

Whether you’re engaged in DIY, home renovation or you are a professional tradesman, you can’t miss a sturdy saw in your collection for those straight cuts. Various types of saws could be used for straight wood cutting and this includes circular saws, hand saws, Japanese saws among others. In this article, we review the top saws in each category.

Here are our top recommendations for straight-line cutting saws.

Stanley 20-045 Fat Max Hand Saw

For over 170 years, Stanley has made a name for itself as a leading brand for commercial tools. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Stanley produces one of the best woodworking saws in the market. The Fat Max Hand Saw is an excellent saw that gives you value for your money.

This saw is any handyman’s dream. Designed with SharpTooth TM technology, the saw features a thick 9 teeth-per-inch blade. The saw is efficient in making straight cuts with less binding. Consisting of three cutting surfaces, it cuts almost twice as fast as the conventional saw. The teeth are also sharp and stay even sharp for longer thanks to Stanley’s “induction hardened” approach.

This saw provides cutting edge performance and is durable. It performs well when cutting lumber cuts and 2-inch tree limbs. The saw also grips well thanks to the ergonomic plastic handle. You’ll notice making cutting movements is effortless. Besides, you can use the back of the saw to make quick 45 and 90° angles.

Stanley’s 20-045 Fat Max Hand Saw is a perfect saw for carpentry and DIY renovations. The only disadvantage we can mention is that it is not ideal for cutting thick wood or hardwood. Also, with continuous use, the saw needs to be occasionally resharpened.

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Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw

The Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw is specifically designed to cut through abrasive woods or hardwood e.g. oak, maple, and teak. This highly designed Japanese saw is also unique since it can be used for different woodworking tasks.

It comes with a 24-inch blade fitted with 22 teeth-per-inch. Strong and durable, it easily stands out among other saws of its size. All the teeth are impulse hardened, therefore, delivering a smooth quality cut. 

A high performance saw, the Ryoba Double Edge Razor is durable and worth each penny. Fitted with cross-cutting teeth on one side and rip teeth on the other, you can also choose to cut through all types of wood with this saw. It cuts smoothly with ease across the grain making it a perfect saw for making detailed furniture.

While using the saw, the blade is held in tension and as a result giving you the much-needed woodworking control. To have extra grip while cutting, you can wrap the soft wooden handle with bamboo. The steel blade on the saw is interchangeable. A brochure that accompanies the saw contains all the details of how to best use the razor saw. The only disadvantage we can mention regarding this saw is that it’s not the best for heavy-duty cutting assignments.

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Makita 5007MGA Circular Saw

It is strange that many people think that circular saws are designed for horizontal cutting and beveling but it’s still possible to make straight cuts with a circular saw. The Makita 5007MGA Circular Saw makes it on our list because of its great power, precision, and versatility. 

This saw is great for both indoor and outdoor woodworking projects. It is the perfect saw for making straight cut edges when doing DIY. The main selling point of this saw is that it will save you a tremendous amount of time, unlike the hand saws that are more manual and require a lot of labor. For example, If you’re considering making 100 cuts, it’s a greater option when compared to the hand saw.

Among circular saws, the Makita 5007MGA performs exceedingly well. Delivering 5,800 revolutions per minute, this is a powerful machine. Its electric brake ensures safety as you work through the wood.

The saw is also light and you can easily carry it wherever you like. It makes deep cuts quickly too and can be used on a wide range of woods including hardwood and softwood. You only need to remember not to place horizontal pressure while making straight cuts due to the flexibility of the blade.

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Great Neck N2610 – CrossCut Hand Saw

Established in 1919, Great Neck has been a leader in manufacturing high-quality hand tools. The Great Neck N2610 – Cross Cut Hand Saw is one of the great tools on its portfolio. This is one durable saw that will last you for years. It is a great choice for multiple woodworking projects.

The 26-inch steel blade is made from high carbon and is fitted with 10 teeth per-inch. You can use this saw for any type of wood, whether hard wood such as maple or red oak, or soft wood. It is a great saw for aggressive and rougher cuts. The saw can be used for fine and detailed cuts as well. Having this saw in your line of tools will ensure that you get your projects done quickly and efficiently.

The teeth are extra sharpened while the saw blade has a precision set. You will also note it has the much-needed control giving you flexibility while working on cross-grain cuts. The Great Neck comes with a weather-resistant dark stained hardwood handle allowing you to use it in the outdoors without any worry. Also, it has a great grip and is comfortable in your hands. You can never go wrong with this saw. This is a great saw for carpentry, DIY and home maintenance.

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Sharp Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Shark Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw, an all-round hand saw that can be used for trimming projects and general cutting. With its rip style type of cuts, it’s a perfect saw for indoor and outdoor tasks.

We liked that this saw can be used for a variety of tasks to deliver those straight cuts. Talk of cutting laminated hardwood, untreated wood, trimming tree roots, or finishing corners, this is the saw you need.

In terms of measurements, the saw measures 12 inches. The blade is strong and made out of stainless steel. Fitted on the blade are 14 teeth per-inch which implies strength. Expect fast and smooth cuts with this saw.

The grip is also worth mentioning. Made in a pistol-style, it has an ergonomic handle that gives a great grip and makes it easy to handle. We particularly liked that the grip is still great even during really hot days when your hands are all sweaty. The blade is durable and when taken care of can last for years. However, in case it becomes dull, it can always be replaced.

Still, there are a few cons we noticed, and this includes that the saw is slow on hardwood and it’s not ideal for heavy-duty work. Also, the pistol-type handle can be difficult for beginners to use.

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 Vaughan BS24OP Pull Stroke Handsaw

The Vaughan Company is one of the oldest companies that is still manufacturing hand tools to date. Known for high-quality and durable hand tools, their Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Hand Saw is popular among woodworking enthusiasts. A versatile hand saw just like other Vaughan products, it is also affordable for all the features it comes along with.

The hand saw is fitted with a thin spring blade that is rust-resistant and durable. Unlike other saws we have mentioned, the Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Hand Saw cuts when you pull rather than when you push forward. This implies fine smooth cuts and is a great saw for heavy woodworking tasks.

What you’ll notice first about this saw is that its blade is extra thin (0.0022 inches) and this as a result produces faster and accurate cuts. The result is fine and detailed woodworking. It is one of the best hand saws for straight cuts because of its great craftsmanship.

There are 17 teeth-per-inch on the blade. The teeth are tri-edge and are impulse hardened and therefore retain their sharpness for a long time. Fitted on the blade is a 0.0033-inch wide kerf that gives the blade great flexibility.

Other great features that come with the Vaughan BS24OP Pull Stroke Handsaw are an easy-grip plastic handle, a securely locking blade, and a blade guard that protects the teeth. For replacement or storage purposes, you can always remove the blade from the handle.

The only disadvantage we can mention with regards to this hand saw is that it isn’t ideal for heavy tasks. However, if you’re focusing on small woodworking tasks or DIY tasks, we highly recommend.

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